Mainstay took care of everything

When you own a private business with others, there's always an elephant in the room until you confront it and put it to bed. The elephant is the calamity that may happen when one of you either dies or becomes incapable of working and/or dependable as one of the owners.

For this conundrum, we just didn't know where to start let alone know how to make a plan - not to mention the legal document we'd need etc.

Once we met Neil from Mainstay, all headaches around this tricky subject disappeared - it was all sorted in no time. Neil met with us and advised us on options for establishing a pre-approved plan that would be sealed and locked down so that should the unthinkable happen sometime in the future, everything would be hunky dory.

Mainstay did the contract for us (it's what they do as part of their service) and put everything in place for the insurance that underpins the agreed plan. The service was awesome, the expertise exemplary and because of their experience in this special field of business protection, it was so smooth and easy for us. Mainstay simply guided the process and did the work.

We solved what was once a sticky subject, a subject that was difficult for us as the business owners to try and address on our own. Thanks Neil, thanks Mainstay. We couldn't speak more highly of you, and the fantastic service you provide. "

Grant Harwood GlobalBizpro Limited

Mainstay's specialisation in shareholder contingency agreements really came into its own for us recently when a new shareholder joined us. They assisted with the change in a thoroughly competent and comprehensive way that wholly satisfied ourselves and our professional advisors. We have been using Mainstay for over 16 years and will continue doing so because we trust them - and their service levels are second to none. "

Murray Gain Champion Freight (NZ) Ltd

We have recently been through considerable upheaval in our complex business enterprise. Fortunately for us, Mainstay had put in place measures to protect us from these contingencies. When the worst happened we were highly impressed, as well as mightily relieved, at just how well Mainstay's insurance advice and execution saw our business safely through. "

Richard Martin Ben Nevis Holdings Ltd

We've been dealing with Mainstay for many years now. We stay with them because they totally understand business risk management from the business owner's perspective, and they have a highly specialised grasp of the role insurnace products can play. They know their stuff - and they deliver what they say they will deliver. " 

Simon Allan Dyetech Leathers Ltd